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D-PRO Premium Coat Type-RS Body Glass Coating

GS Product

Birth of hydrophobic that beyond hydrophilic
D-PRO Premium Coat Type-RS is glass-coating-agent with hydrophobic property that goes beyond hydrophilic property.

High self-cleaning ability due to hydrophobic effect.
D-PRO Premium Coat Type-RS is a extraordinary hydrophilic agent with hydrophobic property. Hence, it is completely different from the conventional hydrophilic glass-coating-agent. Due to its hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, the accumulated dirt will be washed out with water.

D-PRO Premium Coat Type-RS has added approximately 10 percent of water repellent ingredient to the hydrophilic ingredient. This has created the conventional hydrophilic property (water-loving) that has a water repellent (hydrophobic) property. The weak points of hydrophilic property, such as water retention, has been overcome. The water will be wiped off easily.

Specialized maintenance reagent [hydrophilic top coat]
Specially developed [hydrophilic top coat for Type-RS] for D-PRO Premium Coat Type-RS
This top-coat firmly binds with RS coated later that has started to lose its hydrophilic / hydrophobic effects, and return back the hydrophilic / hydrophobic effect. Using of [hydrophilic top coat for Type-RS] brings back and maintains hydrophilic / hydrophobic properties semi-permanently.

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