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D-PRO Principle Series

D-PRO Principle Series are the maintenance series for normal users that has been developed under the collaboration between D-PRO and the manufacturers.


Type-PS Maintenance Liquid

High performance water repellent maintenance liquid
Excellence water repellent layer and sheer can be easily obtained by applying the liquid after car-wash. It is suitable to be used as either as maintenance liquid for the coated car, or as a simple coating liquid for non-coated car. Moreover, most of normal dirt could be easily cleansed without car-wash. This effect lasts for more than a month.

Net contentุ 400 ml.


Type PS

Automobile Maintenance Kit

It is a maintenance kit that combines Automobile Shampoo and Puresoft Sponge in one set.
Maintenance Kit


Automobile Shampoo

Car-wash shampoo
This shampoo creates fine bubble with high cleaning property. The bubble can be rinsed easily.

Net content 200 ml.


Puresoft Sponge

By the introduction of new design profile, it can create fine bubble and wash away the dirt easily.


Principle Wheel Coat

Wheel glass coat reagent
This reagent protects the wheel by creating a glass layer. The dirt will be easily washed and prevented.

Net content 31.4 cc (30 cc + 1.5 cc, for applying to the wheels for one car.)

Wheel Coat

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