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D-PRO Premium Coat Type-GS Body Glass Coating

GS Product

Progressive glass-coating from the collaboration between D-PRO and Soft 99
D-Pro Premium Coat Type-GS is the progressive glass-coating that has been realized by the collaboration between D-PRO and Soft 99 corporation.

Body-glass coating specialized for D-RPO requires skilled technology
D-PRO Premium Coat Type-GS is different from the conventional body-glass coating, as it required skilled technology. D-PRO’s professional shop and its dealers hold the know-how that maximize the effectiveness of this body-glass coating.

Protect the painting by glass-layer with hardness level of 3H equivalent
D-PRO Premium Coat Type-GS protects the painting by providing the glass-layer with hardness level of 3H equivalent. Car’s painting has to face with extreme environments, more than 60 degree Celsius in summer or minus more than 10 degree Celsius in winter time. The hardness of 3H layer is the level that has the flexibility to deal with such extreme environments. Higher level of hard layer might create cracks (whiten surface). This coating is the newly created system that has flexibility, unlike using of simple hardening type of coating layer.

Improving water-repellent ability, as well as increasing washing-ability.
Improving water-repellent ability when compare to conventional body-coating, that completely different from normal water-repellent ability. The surface will be dirt-proof and easily rinsed, due to dirt-preventing ability that has been improved for leap and bound.

Strong bond that stick to painting surface
Coating effect lasts longer due to improved coating ingredient and strengthened surface bonding.
It is a two-liquid coating.

D-PRO Premium Coat Type-GS is a two-liquid coating system. The liquid will be mixed just before applying in order to bring out the best quality.

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