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D-PRO Premium Coat Type-BP Body Glass Coating

BP product

New coating reagent, that has been jointly developed by D-PRO and reagent manufacturer.
D-PRO Premium Coat Type-BP is new type of glass-coating-system, that has been jointly developed by DPRO and reagent manufacturer. This new glass-coating-system is achieved by a creation of a basic glass like coating layer that similar to quartz’s structure, along with the special combination of a chemical-bond of silane type water repellent surface that improve shininess on the over-layer. With this special combination, the water-repellent-property, shininess, durability, glass-barrier-property and weather-proof-property have been greatly improved when compare to usage of silane solely. Compare to the conventional glass-type-coating reagent, it has a greater ability to protect the paint surface.

A body-glass-coating reagent with enhancement of paint-permeability, that unified with the paint.
Due to the fact that, D-PRO Premium Coat Type-BP penetrates into the micro level of the paint and coheres closely to the paint, the extraordinary shear has been achieved like never before.
Improvement of thick-layer-like feeling by increasing the glass ingredient into the maximum
Compare to conventional glass type coating reagent, D-PRO Premium Coat Type-BP has increased the glass ingredient into the maximum level. It has created a glass like extraordinary shear and thick-layer-like feeling by strengthens the coating later after hardening.

Higher protecting ability by enhancement of coating later.
Coating layer that has been enhanced by the increase of glass ingredient, has a higher ability to protect the body from outer factors when compare to the conventional glass type coating reagent. It could also improve the ability to prevent the dirt as well as achieving a long lasting shear and shine period.

Transparency, shear and water repellent ability

D-PRO Premium Coat Type-BP is a premium-body-coating reagent that brings both luxurious shear and transparency as well as high level of water repellent ability.

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