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D-PRO under the definition of “The Car Artisan”

The position of D-PRO is set up to be in accordance with that of our mother company in Japan: to develop products especially for professional through D-PRO or “Detailing-Professional.” In Thailand, we want to focus on the details as an artist devotes himself to his masterpiece according to the definition of “The Car Artisan.” This means all cars using D-PRO glass coating services must undergo meticulous stages as they are art masterpieces.

This D-PRO center offers complete automobile maintenance services from its exterior to its interior, starting from cleaning and colour coating cars, cleaning and restoring in the passenger room. Our unique service is D-PRO Premium Glass Coating with D-PRO products, which is the most popular and the best recognized products among glass coating centers in Japan. In addition, D-PRO car detailing center is also the training and skill developing center of D-PRO standards for the staff of all service centers which are D-PRO’s alliances.


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